Carol Forman

Photo of Carol

Carol is the wife of Eddie Forman and has been promoting Polkas since the age of 13.   She is originally from Roselle Park, New Jersey where she had her own dance group for 11 years called "The Polka Dolls".
Carol also won the Harvest Moon Ball dance competition in Madison Square Garden, New York in 1973.   She moved to Massachusetts after they got married in 1979.
Carol is an important part of the business.   She is a polka promoter and runs all the trips that involve the EFO following.
Carol teaches private polka dance lessons and is an advid part of keeping Polka Dancing alive by teaching the young.   She made her singing debut on EFO's recording "Bride and Groom" and sings again on the recordings "A New Shake" and "Come Dancin'".

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